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Day 361: Planning to Ring in the New Year in Bethesda?

Happy New Year Bethesda!

It’s Day 361 and that means that there’s only 4 days left in 2011.  Do you know yet what you’re going to do for New Year’s Eve?  It’s time to plan!

You deserve a fun night out, don’t you?  Don’t give in to that temptation to curl up in your pj’s and watch everyone else have fun while the New York Times Square ball drops – get on out and make your own memories of ringing in the new year!  Here are some ideas to kick off your 2012:

American Tap Room is offering a 3-course dinner from their new menu and champagne toast for $50 per person.

Assaggi has some festive music planned and party favors to ring in the new year.  They have seatings at 6 PM, 8 PM, and 10 PM with dinner specials all night long.

Redwood is getting really creative and appealing to the “agency folks” of Bethesda by offering a James Bond themed-party!  Too fun!  Make your reservations directly at 301-565-3515.

The Daily Grill has a prix-fixe 4-course dinner including prime rib, crab cakes and Grande Marnier creme brulee for $75 per person.

Jaleo is shaking it up Spanish-style with unlimited tapas.  Reservations starting at 8:30 PM.

Lebanese Taverna is having a Mezze Madness Party starting at 9 PM.  Get this!  They will have a belly dancing show as well as party favors, a champagne toast and of course endless mezzas for $65 per person.

If you’re looking for dancing, try Union Jacks or RiRa (or I’m sure any of the other local bars in town).

Union Jacks is having a Little Black Dress Ball with a DJ, dancing, heavy hors d’oeuvres, party favors, a midnight toast and even a continental breakfast after midnight – all for $51.05.

RiRa will have an Irish-style New Year’s party with a 7 PM Irish New Year celebration and more music, drinks, live music with T-Akila Jones and fun through the Bethesda new year too.

Call ahead, click on our links above or check out open table for reservations at local restaurants.  Most importantly, take some time to plan a fun New Year’s Eve celebration to ring in 2012.  ~Amy

Day 243: Bethesda Fall Bar Tour

Bethesda Fall Bar Tour

On Saturday September 10th, from 1-9 p.m., Lindy Promotions and Coors Light present the 5th annual Bethesda Fall Bar Tour.

Here’s the deal.  You bring two cans of food with you to the event and that will be donated to Manna Food Center (Manna is the main food bank in Montgomery County and, yes, we do have poor  hungry people right here in the County – in fact over 3,300 families each month are served).  The cost is is $10 if you bring some cans and $13 if you don’t.  Either way Manna gets benefit.  If you want you can get advance tickets online through Lindy Promotions by clicking here.

From 1-9 p.m. you can enjoy $2 Coors Lights & $3 Blue Moons plus great food and drink specials offered by some of our favorite drinking holes:

  • Parker’s American Bistro
  • BlackFinn
  • Hard Times Cafe
  • Union Jack’s
  • Tommy Joe’s
  • Steamers
  • Wing Hub
  • Saphire Cafe
  • Ri Ra Irish Pub
  • Caddies on Cordell

Walk up registration is available 1-6 p.m. at Caddies on Cordell at 4922 Cordell Avenue.  Come join us for a good cause and remember to not drink and drive.  Put this into your phone as “Ride Home.”  Barwood Taxi at 301-984-1900.  I just found a= really cool app for your mobile phone called Taxi Magic.  If you need a taxi just text your pickup address to 862442.  For example “4922 Cordell Avenue, 20814” and a taxi pickup confirmation will be sent to your phone.  You can also download an application to your smartphone (I’m Mac, Amy’s PC/Blackberry – poor child).   Check it out and enjoy the “bar crawl” and don’t forget to bring some canned food for the needy.  ~Brian

Day 117: You're Cordially Invited to Attend The Royal Wedding!

Union Jacks - Our little slice of London

This is it everyone – the big event!  You are cordially invited to attend the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton courtesy of our very own slice of Britain, Union Jack’s Pub located at 4915 St. Elmo Ave.

Doors open at 5:30 AM Friday, April 29th and live coverage of the Royal Wedding will kick off at 6 AM.  As the couple exchanges vows, Union Jacks will provide a complimentary champagne toast.  In addition to a sumptuous breakfast, Union Jacks is also offering $10 Bottomless Mimosas & Bloody Marys as well as $5 Pimms Cups.  Very British of them to offer Pimms!  There will be door prizes too – a tiara perhaps?

Your Knight in Shining Armour Awaits

If you just can’t drag yourself out for this crack-of-dawn event, you can stop by for lunch and watch replays of the big wedding.  Or come by in the evening and enjoy ROYAL Ladies’ Night Out between 5-7 PM. Their website invitation states, “Ladies are welcome to shop with local consultants from Slumber Parties (lingerie etc), Stella and Dot (jewelry) and Happy Hurleys (organic soaps and scrubs) consultants. We also have gift certificates from Sport & Health and Irreplaceable Bags. Door prizes of jewelry and gift cards will be raffled off from these consultants! There will even be a manicurist from Modern Nails providing discounted manicures!”

If you can’t go to London for the big day, you should at least come on down to “little London” in Bethesda and enjoy the event that everyone is sure to be talking about on Friday – whether they admit to watching or not!  🙂

Cheerio Mates and hope to see you there!  ~Amy

P.S.  I am dragging Brian out for this too!

Day 107: Union Jack's British Pub

Union Jacks Britsh Pub

I spent a couple of years as a single man back in 2000.  I decided to improve my image and so instead of buying a convertible I decided my teeth needed some work.  So I went to a popular orthodontist practice in the area (Dr. Caccaro on Bethesda Avenue) and he put me in braces for six months to straighten out my top teeth.  Long story short, I decided to go out one Friday night after the braces were installed and find some night life in Bethesda.  I asked a local bartender “where can you go and dance in Bethesda?” (having been out of the scene for a while).  He suggested The Shark Club.  The Shark Club is a now defunct nightclub in the current spot where the restaurant, sports bar, and night scene Union Jack’s is located at 4915 St. Elmo Avenue.  I ventured into the Shark Club and the techno beat was pumping, strobe lights blinding, and I felt pretty out-of-place in my late 30’s.  I found a spot near the bar and ordered a drink.  As I turned around I noticed two attractive, but very young girls, looking over my way.  Being the outgoing fellow I am, I smiled.  One problem.  I forgot that I looked like the evil metal-mouth character Jaws from the James Bond saga.  Upon seeing my metallic smile both girls looked at each other and began laughing uncontrollably.  This was not the ego boost a recently divorced man was looking for!  Needless to say I slipped back under the middle-aged rock I had crawled out from.  Fast forward almost a decade.  I’m out with friends and they suggest going dancing late one night at Union Jack’s.  I’d never heard of the place but a cold chill went up my spine when the car pulled up out front of the former Shark Club and we all piled out.  Boy was I relieved when we got inside.  I recognized most the music (until the rap words begin to drown out the song you used to know) and there were surprisingly some people my age in the place.  The braces were gone and I was ready to PAR-TAY.

12+ Beers on Tap

Union Jack’s bills itself as Bethesda’s British themed “mega-pub” occupying 7,500 square feet of subterranean space.  But this is not your father’s London pub my friend.  By day Union Jack’s used to be a sleepy food establishment but now has a renewed commitment to their menu and a new chef.  Now during the day you can find a wide assortment of traditional British fare including beer battered fish and chips and Bangers and Mash (Sausage and mashed potatoes).  Ever had a Welsh Rarebit?  Didn’t think so.  It’s “a classic British cheese and ale sauce served with diced tomatoes, chopped scallions, and rye toast. Served sizzling on a cast iron skillet.”  But there’s more American style cuisine in addition to the “Pub Grub.”  There are salads, burgers, oven fresh pizza, and even sirloin steak on the menu.

No pub could call itself a pub unless there’s beer.  Union Jack’s serves 12 beers on tap from England, Europe and the states.  They just added Fuller’s London Pride “known and loved for its distinctive, rounded flavour, London Pride is the award-winning PALE ALE for which Fuller’s is most famous. In recent years its popularity has grown to the extent that it is now Britain’s leading premium pale ale: a welcome fixture in many pubs around the country, and now winning new friends abroad. To the beer aficionado looking for the classic English pint, we say this: ‘Whatever you do, take Pride’.”  Union Jack’s is also a great place to catch a Washington Capitals playoff game.  They always have the games on their big screen T.V.s.  The next playoff game is Wednesday night so stop in for the Capitals drink specials (hint wear some red).

Play some pool!

But here’s the real reason I like to go to Union Jack’s.  I like to go to remember what it felt like to be in my 20’s (which most the patrons are).  I go to play some pool in the Billiards Room and dance.  They have about a half-dozen pool tables where you can rack ’em up and play a few.  Amy and I have come here a few times with friends on a weekend night, after our sophisticated Bethesda dining experience, relaxed and let our “hair down.”  We tip a few (sometimes a few too many) and then when the DJ kicks in, with a mix of Top-40, party rock and retro, we immerse ourselves in the sea of bodies that is the Union Jack’s dance floor.  We’ve had a great time bustin’ some moves and the young folk seem to accept us (especially when we know the intro words to their music before the rap kicks in!).  Late in the evening some classic Michael Jackson gets going and even some Frank Sinatra.  It’s a raucous good time really especially if you’re there with some fun friends.  Here’s a tip.  If you’ve had too much to drink here (which is easy to do) take a cab home.  The police circle the place at closing time like sharks at a chum club (get it –Shark Club).  So put on your dancing shoes, pack your pool cube, and head down to Union Jack’s for an evening of good food and fun. Ortho braces optional! ~ Brian